True Leaders Don't Just Complain? They Offer Solutions

Its elections season and every day we hear tons of criticism from each Political party, how  'ruling' party is such a failure and how a common man's life is getting so difficult.  Then each political party will say, 'if the come to power', they will solve every problem of the common man.

These days, if you ask Chiranjeevi or Chandra Babu Naidu about any problem of a common man, even before you finish your question they are ready with the answer. Everything will change once they come into power and those issues can only be solved if they come to power.

Everybody Promise, But None of them offer a Plan.

All Political party leaders are promising everything, but none of them are offering a solid plan on how they will solve an issue. And many a times, 'just the criticism alone' attract people attention and help them win in the elections. Not many really care how they can solve the issue.

Leaders Can't Criticize If  They Don't Have A Plan

If you go to a restaurant, you have full freedom and right to comment on the taste and quality of food. But if a Chef goes to a restaurant and criticize that the food is bad and Chef at that hotel doesn't know how to cook the food and he could prepare much better then it is not enough just to stop with that criticism. Chef must explain what went wrong with the food and show the plan, how he could make it much better. The chef can't keep on saying, make me your Chef I will show you the difference. It will be too late to prove on job.

The Lok Satta Difference

If you don't agree with me have a look at Lok Satta party and the literature it put out for the benefit of every learned citizen. Lok Satta has  clear cut principles and clearly spoken on how they would bring a change in the lives of common man. Lok Satta even call it the Second freedom struggle. They have a plan, they believe in strong values and they offer a solution to many problems.

Lok Satta in my view is a what a great Political party looks like. I pray that people see the value and vote for it. I strongly believe The leaders of Lok Satta are true leaders who just don't complain but offer a solution on how we can bring the change.

Next time, if you hear a complaint or allegation or criticism of how something doesn't work, from a Politician that promises you that he can change everything, ask him about the plan.

What do you think?

(Originally posted as Guest Blogger at Harivillu )


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