Tuesday, October 7, 2008

TRS + TDP + CPI(M) : New Coalition ??

Akriti team strongly believes that a new election coalition will be formed with TRS, TDP and CPI(M) to defeat Congress and any effect of Movie star led Praja Rajyam in the coming elections.

TDP is reportedly announce its position on Telangana very soon, that would in fact favor separate Telangana  to woo TRS and Telangana voters.

It was already categorically indicated that CPI(M) would like to work with TRS in the upcoming elections, if TDP could join the alliance, the coalition would be strong enough to improve its chances in the upcoming elections.

With strong caste based polarization happening in coastal andhra pradesh, all party lines are focussing on central and Telangana areas to put a brave face. Every party already acknowledged the importance of winning in these regions to fight Praja Rajyam.

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