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This Election, Its All About Movie Stars !!

"I owe my success to Andhra People and I am here to Serve them". That is what Chiranjeevi said as motivation behind entering into politics. While he hasn't spent any money at Grand level so far to serve People, he spent crores to arrange the movie style high octane Inaugural meeting at Tirupathi. Lakhs of movie star fans from all around the state attended the function. The 'Praja Ankita' yatra follows the stint with equal vigor and cost.

PRP Already Began Couting Votes..

PRP and Chiranjeevi pretend for some time that the amount of people attending to the meetings as their support to his politically certain agenda and count them as real votes that could win him the election. Predictions of Godavari districts with 20,000 majority was plain stupid, but explain whats going on in PRP leaders' minds.

Time to Show TDP's Stardom, Money and Muscle

Now its the time for the other parties to show their so called political strength to the people of Andhra Pradesh, that people are behind them too. No political party has dearth of money or the muscle to gather masses to election meetings. Chandra Babu naidu's ananthapur address was unbelievably attended by lakhs of people though many might have already forgotten. I was shocked to see lakhs of people turning even to Roja's meetings these days. I don't know what is going on in Andhra people minds, but I don't have a clue.

On 5th November, Bala Krishna will energize the political dais with his inaugural political address in a much expensive and grandeur scale meeting. Having so much confusion on what would be his role in TDP, people are assuming the way want it to be.

Yuvagarjana is hitting the grounds on November 5th and inside news reveals that it is going to beat the standards of Chranjeevi's show at Avilala stadium in Tirupathi on August 26th. 'Yuvagarjana' is going to be held at Acharya Nagarjuna University where the arrangements are being done in grand scale.

Yuvagarjana To Beat Chirus Tirupathi Show at

Our View: May Stir TDP cadres, but Doubtful Impact

Irrespective of the amount of masses that attend to this meeting and success or failure of the meeting,  Jagriti team do not think, it would have the kind of impact that Chiranjeevi had.

What do you think?

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