Reel Life to Real Life : Chiranjeevi Acting In Politics?

Actor turned Politician Chiranjeevi says he really doesn't know what people are hoping him to do in Politics (as per a news report on Times of India) quoting a video. Really? But do you remember, Chiranjeevi saying the reason he was coming into politics was that 'People are calling' and he is replying to their call. So did he not understand why they are calling? or what they are calling for?

I think neither, as Chiranjeevi did not discuss with PEOPLE before entering into politics. He is doing that exercise now, as part of ELECTION campaign. It was a real life drama, saying I am coming as a reply to people's call and never did have a clue about why and what they are calling for.  Is there a hidden meaning for all this?

Better people ask the people who wrote his script. Because, that is what a movie actor is used to. recite and act, probably without even understanding anything about it.

To  a certain extent, the opinion on this blog, Harivillu is correct. Chiranjeevi must display integrity in his opinions and plans, instead of beating the bush. ACTION is confusing in real life.

In the initial meeting, Chiranjeevi explained he has certain principles on what he wanted to do in Politics. But as a party, Chiranjeevi is postponing all serious decisions that shall be made on pure principles, not based on how those decisions could help him in elections. Are principles based on Election results or he wanted to fight with principles in elections? Example, PRP is not expressing their stand on Separate Telangana, as they are trying to find out a STAND that could win them elections, not as a principle. If it had to be based on a principle, it should be just black and white. YES or NO.

As we analyzed earlier, whatever anyone, including Chiranjeevi says, the motivation behind coming into politics, we strongly believe, is 'POWER AND MONEY'.  Except LokSatta, which strongly refrain from MONEY in politics, every political party and politician out there for POWER AND MONEY. We haven't spotted any other politician, (except LokSatta), who really want to serve People and choose Politics as his/her vehicle.

Harivillu: Chiranjeevi changed colors!! Whatz the Surprise?


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