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Looking At How Presidential Campaign Was Run..

Being a president is all about being an Effective Executive Leader, that understand the strengths and limitations of its own union and work towards the goals of the union effectively and successfully.

Look at how Political campaigns have been run so far by each leader to get a glimpse of what kind of leader they could become, if they won.

OBAMA, The Only Choice

Looking at how the Presidential Campaigns have been run so far, Obama is the only candidate that demonstrated clear and inspiring leadership skills all the while. All other campaigns have failed to even manage their finances, directed the strategies as reactions and used fire fighting skills and 'do any thing to get those votes' kind of low strategies.

The vision, planning, organization and execution of Obama's whole game plan was so disciplined and bound by the same principles as indicated on day 1. No other political campaign has really stuck to anything at all.

He talked straight. He reminded individual responsibility. He reminded the role of Governments. And he walked the walk he has been preaching. He has changed the whole idea of politics and broken the traditions of politicians to become a LEADER.

Essence of Leadership

He hasn't won yet in the Elections. But he won the hearts of millions of people not only in USA, but all over the world. He inspired millions of youngsters. What is any better trait for a leader, than inspiring millions to become leaders in their own lives and walks of life.

Consistency and Sum Of All Deeds, No Matter How Small

He did not win any big states. He did not receive any BIG contributions. He did not have BIG experience. He demonstrated that if you work hard and consistently, those little victories, those little donations and those few endorsements will one add up and become so huge that it could offset even the mammoths.  Spirit of consistency, Law of averages and no matter how small each step you take in the direction of your goals matter. They really matter.

So my pick will be, OBAMA as the President of the US.

I hope Americans really think through before they vote, Obama has demonstrated enough how he as the Chief of this nation will execute his plans. Caring, Meticulous, Thoughtful and inspiring.

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