First ever Nuclear Power Plant in AndhraPradesh

Be it an Election frenzy or true intentions to uplift, the ruling Congress party has approved the first Nuclear Power plant for Andhra Pradesh. The Government has reportedly accepted the proposal by AP Gen Co. The site location most probably could be around Cuddapah, while Srikakulam is also under consideration.

More good news ..

Two more Ultra Thermal Power Station proposals by AP Gen Co have also been approved.  Combining this news with already under construction of  500MW extension to Vijayawada and another 4000MW coming off from the Reliance power plant at Krishnapatnam, the future looks much brighter for Andhra Pradesh in particular and whole country in general.

Why Last Minute Approvals ... could well be Elections !!

As readers of this blog note, all approvals for Power plants and land allocation for some, came within last 2 months. We suspect, looming elections could be a clear cut reason. Finalizing on proposals to go forward (at least looks like moving forward) would be a great addition to bolster the 'Growth' economy under Congress, the party would like to highlight.

If people really understand the impact and use their brains to vote, this could be a stealer.


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