CPI + CPI(M) + TRS To Fight Together.

CPI, CPI(M) and TRS came to an understanding today to fight together in the upcoming elections.

(Picture: by Eenadu, http://eenadu.net/25pan6a.jpg )

TRS chief KCR confirmed the alliance after meeting with the CPI party secretary AB Bardhan in New Delhi.

Who Joins This Alliance? TDP? or PRP?

The big question on whether This alliance will work with TDP or PRP remains undecided. It appears that they want to wait for some more time to evaluate PRP influence in the coming elections before making a decision. TDP having declared its new stand to support 'seperate Telangana' leaving its traditional stand for Samaikhyandra (one Andhra Pradesh) opened its gates for alliance with TRS. However PRP hasn't declared a YES or NO yet.

Going by the insider reports from PRP, PRP may declare a YES very soon and may join the alliance. If PRP joins this alliance, TDP will have to face elections on its own, ALONE. Same goes with PRP if TDP joins the alliance.

PRP Leaders trying to woo the Alliance

Its been quite publicized about the relentless efforts of Allu Aravind to forge an alliance of PRP with CPI and CPI(M). However, it was reported that CPI and CPI(M) have been evaluating PRP's strength as a political machine to win the elections. 


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