Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Browsing With Google Chrome : First Few Minutes

I have just installed Google chrome and fell in love with its Speed. Here is my experience with Google Chrome in the first few minutes.


  • Installation was a breeze. No restarts required. (Under 2 minutes)
  • Page loading is quite fast and instantly visible (compare to other browsers Google Chrome is like a race car)
  • Interface is very simple and elegant.
  • There is no difference between Search bar and Address bar anymore. Quite handy.
  • Also fell in love with Thumbnails of Most frequently used pages when you open a new tab.

Add-ons and Extensions

Once I get to serious browsing, like reading blogs on Google reader, I missed by 'Blog This' extension for Windows Live Writer. Hope, application developers will soon enhance or make their add-ons compatible with Google Chrome. Since Chrome is also built with components from Firefox, I hope extensions may be instantly compatible once allowed.

Overall, I fell in love with Google Chrome for its Speed and Simplicity and of course, little bit of convenience.

1 comment:

  1. Google Chrome is very fast, but with Firefox there are a lot of extensions so... i keep my Firefox.

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