Friday, September 26, 2008

BC Commission Takes Office, Vows Enumeration Based on Castes

New BC Commission took office on Thursday, 24th September and vows to request enumeration based on castes in the wake of political motivation by all major parties to include more castes in to BC.

The commission is also of the opinion that it may need to extend BC reservations quota in order to include more people. Otherwise, the existing BC community will be severely impacted.

Our Take on Whole Reservation Issue, in brief:

Caste system is a social issue.  No matter what you do in the form of reservations, people will not forget their caste. One of the main reasons behind Chiranjeevi's motivation to come into politics is the expected unconditional support of 30% of Kapus, because he belongs to Kapu community. When leaders highlight and exploit the very caste issue on such a public face, we don't think we can ever eradicate the caste issue in our society.

Even the most affluent and well educated youth, establish organizations and community groups exclusively based on Caste, though implicitly. Middle class and poorer sections have been waging wars against each other and against government exclusively based on caste itself.

Reservations have failed to do any good to uplift based on caste. 60 years in action, and we still fight to EXTEND or ADD to it. It does speak louder than any report.

Its time to have a fresh look and new strategies. No more political gimmicks and caste based reservations.

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