Security : Identity Theft in Hyderabad by a Software Techie

Beware of new credit card offers by Sales agents. They could steal your current credit cards and apply for new credit cards on your name. They may also apply for loans on your name without your knowledge.

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The Task Force police apprehended a techie who used his skills to cheat many by withdrawing money from their credit cards through fraudulent means.

By taking up freelance work from various registered direct sales agencies, who get credit card promotion works from various banks, Rajesh exploited loopholes in the system for wrongful gain.

Rajesh then gave advertisements in newspapers and appointed four telecallers and an office boy. The telecallers used to target credit card holders . They called on the phone numbers in yellow pages and those found on a website, and enquired whether the creditcard holders needed credit cards of other banks.

"Once a customer shows inclination, Rajesh used to send one of his employees to collect all the particulars of the person, including the details of the existing card," Task Force inspector V Shyam Babu said.

Using this method, Rajesh collected credit card particulars of 140 persons in the city and chose a few high value credit cards for cheating.

After the selection of 'targets' , Rajesh used to take a house on rent in an upmarket locality, call the call centre of a particular credit card customer , request for change of the address of the original cardholder to his temporary rented house, by furnishing the personal details of the card holder and with that he obtained new credit cards of his 'targets' . Once he obtained a card, within two days he used to withdraw the cash up to the credit limit.

Rajesh also took personal loan in the name of the credit card holders and received the demand draft at the changed address. After encashing it, he used to vacate the house immediately.

Techie turns credit card crook -Hyderabad-Cities-The Times of India


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