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Prakriti Analysis: On Chiranjeevi's Motivation

Akriti team brought us the news that on 17th August 2008, Chiranjeevi announced that he is entering into Politics by starting his own Political party. Watch the announcement on YouTube video here.

Prakriti, Jagriti and Samskriti teams had a long discussion about the announcement and we promised to bring to you our analysis of the event. This is first part of the analysis on Motivation.

On Motivation

Based fully on the announcement itself, Akriti team summarizes the key motivation for Chiranjeevi to enter into politics as follows:

  • To serve people, particularly uplift the poorer sections
  • Bring smart, capable and good people in to Politics
  • Personal fulfillment and conviction that it would be a historical mistake not to come to politics
  • Last but the most popular reason, People that love him wanted him to come to Politics and reminded him of his responsibility to people that made him what he is.
  • Not for Power, Money or fame

On Inspirational Events & People

In the order mentioned in the speech:

  • Meeting with former President Kalam
  • NT Rama Rao that reminded the Social responsibility of artists
  • Fans and People in general from all sectors, all over the world
  • B.R. Ambedkar
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Mother Theresa
  • Jotirao Phule
  • Last letters written by people wishing to see Chiranjeevi in politics
  • People and lives saved by Blood bank

Prakriti team's analysis on How people received it regarding what motivated Chiranjeevi into Politics :

The announcement itself is not at all a surprise as many of us already know that Chiranjeevi will come into politics. Indications are every where for a long time.

  • It would have been much better if he had just said that he would enter in to politics in a couple of minutes and because of People without citing any other reason.
  • We love him a lot and want him to come to politics, but we can't help but laugh at the whole story and motivation behind his decision to come in to politics.
  • None of the people barring NTR he cited as inspirations, never entered into Politics posing a question for Chiranjeevi why you? They demonstrated that, if you want to serve people, you don't need politics. And NTR clearly said he was inspired by the Power.
  • We do not believe in any of those reasons. And it really doesn't matter to us either. We want him in Politics, as it would bring a new wave of politics and activism.
  • One ardent fan of Chiranjeevi said that most of the fan base is working class and the story and background is created to attract a broader spectrum, beyond the working class fans.
  • The story would also provide much needed media attention and a pat on the back from conservative educated middle class that normally don't like the mass hero.
  • Photograph of B.R. Ambedkar on the wall will have a much anticipated ripple effect with little unexpected consequences. (more on this later)

        Stay tuned for Analysis by Jagriti and Samskriti teams in a seperate post later.

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