Politics : On 2nd Nov, 2008 Telangana Will Start Self-Rule as Seperate State

The former TDP leader Devender Goud started his own political party and set a dead line for current Governments at both State and National level to make a resolution for Telangana. If they fail to make a resolution by Nov 1, Telangana will declare self-rule as Seperate state, Devender Goud threatened.

The newly founded Nava Telangana Praja Party (NTPP) will unilaterally “declare statehood to Telangana” on November 1 when it proposes to implement self-rule in the region.

The party will “change” the name of the State from Andhra Pradesh to Telangana on all the signboards. The number plates on all vehicles will also have the name of Telangana, the NTPP president T. Devender Goud told a public meeting to mark the launch of the party here on Wednesday.

Mr. Goud asked the Government to adopt a resolution either in the Assembly or Parliament “creating separate Telangana” by November, the State Formation Day. Otherwise, the NTPP would mobilise people of the region in seeking the State in a peaceful manner.

The Hindu : Andhra Pradesh / Hyderabad News : Devender Goud proposes ‘self-rule’

Prakriti team from Warangal reported some shocking news and opinions of people close to Devender Goud, that led to him leaving TDP and staring his own party.  More on this news little later.


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