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Politics: Macro Strategy vs Micro-Efficiency

When it comes to Politics, particularly in Elections season,  we often here brave and gigantic ambitions of every political party. This is a macro strategy of what we should do to become a better and more prosperous state. But when once the party comes into power, they soon realize achieving those dreams is a very tough task. Many a times, they have to start from scratch, built an eco system, create an establishment, policies, guidelines and advocate and teach so that beneficiaries will start using it. Another aspect of it is, it takes time to do all this and they may not even see any tangible political benefits in their own term. So, instead of pursuing those dreams, despite the hurdles, many tend to focus on Micro-efficiency, making an already working system, little better, for easy political mileage.

We are fortunate enough to have at least few leaders that could see beyond their own term and change the direction of the ship and take huge risks at a Macro level. For instance, Chandra Babu Naidu is a prime example for many such Macro strategies that finally brought once a 15th rank state not only to limelight but also to put at 2nd Rank in many aspects of development.

Major problem with Macro strategies is that almost 99% of people do not understand the impact. Because, many people are short sighted and demand instant gratification, than a substantial gains in the long term. So, there is  a huge risk of people considering it as 'anti-people' or as we have seen in last elections, 'anti poor'. Its neither.

You may compare with all the terms Congress was in power and Chandra Babu Naidu at the helm of office. You would see what we saw. Its a huge difference in attitude and direction. Even operational efficiency was at the peak during TDP's term.

Please note that we are not supporters of TDP or Chandra Babu Naidu. We are only reminding a few macro strategies he decided on, that have been generating much required traction for the state economy. For which, we truly salute ( a politician finally).  We also covered an Insurance for poor scheme being piloted by current Government, recently.  By covering say, we don't support Congress as such, but just the noble deed.

Let us know what you think is more important and how people perceive major political and economic strategies.

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