Monday, August 25, 2008

Politics : Kapu students to get Govt. Benefits on par with BCs

We just mentioned few hours ago, that this is the Elections season and more reservations are on the way . Particularly interesting are the Reservations and benefits to Kapu community, as Chiranjeevi belongs to Kapu community, and many believe Chiranjeevi will provide those reservations to Kapu community if he comes to power. headline news that we just spotted clarifies that it has been approved by CM, YSR to provide 'all benefits' on par with BC,SC and STs to Kapu community. Scholarships, Hostel and concessions in fees. The only one left out is reservations to admissions, which have been promised to be taken up after an in depth study.

We suspect, all political parties 'may defer', reservations to Kapu community before the elections, as it would distance them from other BC communities. Since if provided, Kapu community has to share the already allotted BC quota, as it is not possible to extend beyond 50% legal limit of reservations. Muslims have already cut that pie with a 4% slice.


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