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Politics : Congress leaders dismiss Chiranjeevi's Praja Rajyam as meaning less !!

Though every key political party insisted that there will be no effect of Chiranjeevi's party on their future, they have been cautiously deferring any further comments. Not any more, after Chiranjeevi announced the Party.

Congress party take Heads-on with Praja Rajyam

Today almost 5 key Congress party leaders have criticized Praja Rajyam as a purpose less and meaningless party.

Their biggest criticism is that 'the party has no purpose' yet. Chiranjeevi painstakingly read from a written script word by word, as if he had never seen that script earlier, key issues that are being faced by Andhra people, but did not say with clarity, how his party will approach or solve any of those issues.  If he had known all those issues of people right from early days in movie career, why he was 'reading' word by word, often missing the semantics, (and correcting himself), from a written script. Watch the Youtube movie on Core issues to see how Chiranjeevi struggled to read the script. Issues are so close to heart, but he could not speak from his heart ?

Lack of Experience shows up

Next biggest criticism about his speech in Tirupati, his lack of understanding of how market economy works and political inexperience shows for itself in his statements on current state of affairs in Andhra Pradesh. Particularly mentioned was, why farmers could not decide the price of their produce while a soap company can fix its own price.

Obviously, that is economics 101, probably none in the movie circles may understand that. They only could question, why not? The naivete's style, of course.

Sole purpose of Praja Rajyam is the greed of power.

D. Srinivas, the head of Congress party in AP, even went on to say that ' he couldn't understand why Chiranjeevi started a party at all? Without any understanding and clear idea on what is the issue and how to solve an it? if not for power?'.

Well, most people know that by this time. We also had an extensive analysis on the motivation for Chiranjeevi to come in to politics.

Why only Reddy leaders firing in all cylinders?

Jagriti team noted that all 5 key leaders that openly and seriously criticized Chiranjeevi and his party today have one thing in common. A Reddy at the end of their name. Samskriti team says, they know a gut feeling behind it, but need more time to articulate those thoughts.

Update: Renuka Chowdhury today blasted Chiranjeevi and his party, hinting the hero doesn't understand 'reel' life and real life and educated him on what is being glamorous in public service.

Premature Declaration of Support for Separate Telangana

Chiranjeevi offered support for transition if separate Telangana becomes inevitable as he thought, Telangana was neglected by all in many aspects. One leader questioned, why didn't chiranjeevi made a movie on problems of Telangana? (as chiranjeevi said he made movies on themes that are close to his heart and real people that are suffering) By far, there was little to no mention at all in his whole movie life, about sufferings of Telangana people. Suddenly, on what basis he said, Telangana was neglected. He did not offer any justification at all.

Separate Telangana is in fact better for Chiranjeevi

Jagriti team is of the opinion that, Chiranjeevi has little to no presence and prospects in Telangana area. So he has not much at stake. Infact, if Telangana become a separate state, he will have much better chance of winning the rest of the Andhra elections. So, its a very tactical decision to say that.

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