Politics : The 'Inevitable Caste Factor' in Andhra Politics

New Anlaysis at Rediff.com brings fresh and yet very clear light to the Andhra Politics and the inevitable Caste factor in Andhra Pradesh.

Note by Prakriti Team: We do not agree with the analysis, even half of that analysis. The analysis is based on euphoric expectations of Chiranjeevi fans. But we want to bring to your attention how other people and media in large looks at the current political scene and estimate the political outcome.

We don't deny the Caste factor in Andhra Politics. We in fact understand it much deeper than most popular media channels. Our analysis on how Caste influence the coming elections is expected to be published in the next two weeks. Share you thoughts and please keep connected.

Chiranjeevi: The die is cast(e) in Andhra Pradesh

The megastar from Andhra Pradesh has finally taken the plunge and announced his entry into the world of politics.


The influential Kapu community in AP which Chiranjeevi belongs to is hopeful that their leader will make to the chief minister's chair. Till date in history of AP, not a single leader from the Kapu caste has made it to the top post. All Chief Ministers that AP has seen till date are either from the Reddy or Kamma castes. Experts say the mega star will manage to sweep all the votes from the Kapu community who are most dominant in the coastal area.

The magic number required in AP to rule the state is 147 and Chiru's party will be banking heavily on the 100 seats available in the coastal belt of the state which is dominated by the Kapu community.

History has shown that the voting pattern in the coastal belt of AP is very similar to Tamil Nadu. The votes have never been split in this belt and the entire belt votes for one party thus determining the political equations in the state.

Gattu Ramachander, a member of Chiranjeevi's party, told rediff.com that the Kapu community is entirely behind Chiranjeevi while the Reddys will go with the Congress. The Kammas will stand by the TDP, but the number compared to the other two castes is negligible.

As of now the scales are weighing heavily in favour of Chiranjeevi who is expected to take the coastal belt of the state which has nine districts and 100 constituencies.

The Rayalseema region with 4 districts is expected to stay with Chief Minister Y S Rajashekhar Reddy. This would mean that the deciding factor would be the Telangana region with 10 districts and 119 constituencies.


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