News: Earth Quake Rumours in Andhra Pradesh

Akriti team pointed to this news item on India Today, about an earth quake in various cities of Andhra Pradesh.  We learned that there was no earth quake and it was just a rumour.

Rumours of an earthquake sparked off by messages and phone calls sent people scurrying out of their homes in various Andhra Pradesh districts early on Friday.

Many residents of several areas in this state capital and areas like Medak, Ranga Reddy, Nizamabad, Chitoor and Visakhapatnam woke up and ran out of their homes as word spread about an impending earthquake. They sat on the roads and in open grounds and returned home only after sunrise.

Some people said that they received telephone calls and messages from their friends, warning about an earthquake in Gulbarga in Karnataka and several parts of Andhra Pradesh

India Today Group Online

Its bizarre to see how a rumor spread so fast and how everybody just believe in the rumor.  Samskriti team shouts from the other room, of course, when it comes to life, it may be just safe to listen to the rumor  and thank the person that spread it.


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