Jagriti Analysis : On Chiranjeevi's Motivation

Akriti team brought us the news that on 17th August 2008, Chiranjeevi announced that he is entering into Politics by starting his own Political party. Watch the announcement on YouTube video here.

Prakriti, Jagriti and Samskriti teams had a long discussion about the announcement and we promised to bring to you our analysis of the event.

You can read the first part, Prakriti team's analysis here.

This is second part of the analysis on Motivation by Jagriti team.

Why Politics?

As Prakriti team pointed out, the announcement itself is not at all a surprise as many of us already know that Chiranjeevi will come into politics. Its a public secret. We have been waiting just for the announcement and future direction.

  • It was a pretty wonderful first Speech for the new Politician turned hero. Coming from Acting background, it wouldn't surprise any of us about the way he dealt his first public appearance.
  • His appeal to general public is quite sensible. Not many smart and thoughtful leaders come to politics for various reasons. Bringing the youth and such smart and thoughtful leaders will be a new wave of politics and will be great for the state.
  • We really loved the way he handled the 'sensitive' character question. It could truly be an asset to him, if every body else in his think tank have similar sensitivity. We think, politics won't be a one man game any more.
  • He did hinted the presence of Political vacuum, but could never justify why he is coming up with his own political party and how his party will be different from other two major parties. Its worth giving some more time to see the actual strategy.
  • Just like Prakriti team, We couldn't understand the connection of his noble intent to serve to poor people, particularly inspired by those great people and starting his own political party. The people who inspired him have truly served the people and became national Idols, next to god. However, they decided never to enter into politics to do public service. Because, they really mean public service, nothing else. NTR was the only exception to that rule. But NTR honestly said, he was inspired by political power at multiple occasions.
  • As you can see from the Akriti's team summary, Chiranjeevi cited 'too many sources' as his motivation and inspiration to come to politics. He is definitely trying to convince people that he is not coming to politics for power or money or fame. Quite a Herculean task for any politician to do that. But too much focus on that aspect, is giving us wrong signals that he is coming to politics exactly for those reasons. Also, based on his body language, we consider him to be not totally honest about everything he said there.
  • He is already scoring marks towards becoming a Politician in certain aspects. First one being a little hypocritical. He said, people wanted him to come to Politics. He talked to his near and dear and few other leaders like President Abul Kalam, but he did not talk to the very people that are asking. He did not go to people and then decided to come to politics. He came into politics first and then planning to go to People to ask them to elect his party to power. So, I guess everybody understand that, he wanted to come to politics. The people invitation is only an afterthought and of course a perfect election strategy.
  • We consider the way whole conference (particularly the Q&A) was conducted totally chaotic. May be a little sense of indication that he and the current group of people he had in the party may lack organizational skills.
  • There are more than 5 occasions, he conveniently skipped answering questions straight and deferred to something that will be only decided by people. We have no clue, how people could decide those things (like money) and how he will request those inputs. Normally, none of us expect a politician to be straight, but based on what Chiranjeevi said, we thought he would be totally honest about it.

Overall, we think he did an astounding job as a politician on day 1, but he totally disappointed many people who are expecting a different political leader. Very soon, he would be just another politician, could be a little different and better one, but will be just another.

He has the fame and mass following as an actor, but whether those followers rally behind him as a political leader is a million dollar question that we could barely answer at this point.

Finally, even if he could bring 25% of thoughtful and smart people into politics, many would whole heartedly support him and his party and vote for him in the next elections, irrespective of his motivation to enter into politics.

Let us know what you think about it. Stay in touch for the Samskriti's teams analysis on this topic.


somu said…
very goog analisys. kudos to the writer.

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