iPhone is not just another Smart Phone!!

iPhone is my dream smart Phone (see my original post Busting the myth of Smart phones posted on  Cellular Lifestyles in October, 2006)  Many critics of iPhone are quite reluctant to accept that iPhone has not only changed the meaning of a smart phone, but also changed the mobile user and hence the market.

My colleague, a great fan of Nokia always argue that Nokia had the best smart phone, well before iPhone ever made into the market. I don't know much about that device he is talking about, but see what iPhone had done to the user and market.

  1. More users are using email on their phones.
  2. More users are now browsing web using a mobile phone.
  3. More web sites and business applications created iPhone ready websites and applications. I haven't heard of a single web app that was declared as Nokia ready.
  4. Now with introduction of games through apple Appstore, I am pretty sure more people will play games on their mobile phones. 
  5. In turn, carriers will see more people buying data services, a dream for a long time for every carrier word wide.

See the following news report at NY Times arguing that that even carriers are changing their game plan, thanks to iPhone, every carrier is trying to open the walled garden. Nokia was a mobile device provider for a long time. Has Nokia made a single carrier open up?

Applications spur open environment
Consumers have long been frustrated with how much control carriers — AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and the like — have exerted over what they could download to their mobile phones. But in the last nine months, carriers, software developers and cellphone makers have embraced a new attitude of openness toward consumers.

iPhone is the best gadget I have ever seen in my life and iPhone is what I have been dreaming of a smart phone all the while. The touch screen is a full surprise to me, though.


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