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Introducing SwarnaAndhra v0.1 Teams

While, We appreciate and value Individuals and their aspirations, we strongly believe in Teams. So we have decided to operate and contribute to SwarnaAndhra v0.1 project as Teams. Each team is set with a distinct focus, responsibility and character just like an Individual. So, here they are. Let the teams introduce themselves.

News, Events And The Story

Hi I am Akriti. I talk so well that I can make you dream in full colors and lively action, no matter what. I am humble enough not to brag about myself, but many say I am a great narrator and orator. "maatlaadin maata maatlaadakundaanee maatlaadagala maatakaarulake maatalu nerpagala ....." you know! And, at times, I tend to be little dramatic, but only to bring more energy and perspective to the discussion. If you revel in talking and explaining events as they unfold drop me a note. Nice talking to you. See you around.

To Join Akriti team, Send an email to Akriti at SwarnaAndhra01 dot com.

People, Perceptions and Emotions

Hi I am Prakrithi. I believe in listening to you to understand better. How you feel, what you think and what really matters to you. In a way, I try to represent you, your feelings and your understanding. I am also a great student, studying how people react and perceive current affairs. On my way, I naturally reveal your own hot buttons. Triggers that make you act the way you act. Don't tell anybody, I have quite interesting theories on human psychology as well. For instance, I know what exactly you are thinking right now. But I will let you express yourselves. Go ahead and compose that email that you are thinking about right now. Thanks in advance and Looking forward to knowing you more.

To Join Prakriti team, Send an email to Prakriti at SwarnaAndhra01 dot com.

Rational, Practical and The Truth

Hello friends, I am Jagrithi. Not everybody like me, as I am very opinionated, always dig deep and question your assumptions and the common wisdom. Many criticize that I have very limited emotions. I say, I am just being rational and pragmatic. I normally never accept any thing on the face of it. I question, research, argue and understand before I open my voice. It doesn't matter who has said/done it or how it is done/said, I try to uncover the true intent behind it. Unfortunately, like truth, my opinions are not always acceptable and comfortable to most, but if you are the kind that can tolerate anything to express your opinion and may reveal the truth, Welcome home. The world is awaiting for your opinions and insights.

To Join Jagriti team, Send an email to Jagriti at SwarnaAndhra01 dot com.

History, Wisdom and Outlook

Greetings Friends. My name is Samskriti. I believe in traditions, values and history to the bones. I agree that Change is imminent and imperative in every aspect of our lives. But, while we need to embrace change, we must not forget those values and lessons centuries of history taught us. And also to never loose focus of our dreams no matter how hard it is to survive in the present. I learnt to see the brighter side and adapt rather than react, because I try see the end of the tunnel even before anybody see the tunnel itself. I am not always right about the tunnel, but it is always good to see the light. If you think you have a great vision, wisdom and calmness to see the light at the end of the tunnel, welcome aboard. Let us all shed some light so everybody else can see the tunnel and walk through the darkness.

To Join Samskriti team, Send an email to Samskriti at SwarnaAndhra01 dot com.

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