Health : 'Aarogya Mela' (Health Camp) Will Greatly Benefit Poorer Communities

We recently came to know about these 'Aarogya Mela' ( health camps) that are being conducted at various places all over India.  These camps will greatly benefit poorer sections, who normally do not have access to health care (no doctors and no money)  and if they do, they resist contacting a doctor.

These camps are conducted through out India and accountability has been assigned to the MP (Member of Parliament) to organize and engage local government facilities to follow up on initial counseling. For example, in Andhra Pradesh, those who are diagnosed through these camps, will be treated under ArogyaSri ( a state + private owned insurance scheme for poor). An excellent strategy and initiative.  If conducted extensively, it would greatly benefit the poorer sections of the society.

The State and Central governments jointly conceived the parliamentary constituency-level health camps to provide proper healthcare to the poor along with food and shelter, he noted.

Specialists pertaining to various health problems would conduct health check-up of the patients attending the three-day camp and, if necessary, they would be operated upon in corporate hospitals under the ‘Arogyasri’ scheme, the MP stated.

The Hindu : Andhra Pradesh / Anantapur News : Quality healthcare still a dream for poor: MP


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