Chiranjeevi To Begin Career In Politics

The long awaited announcement finally came from Chiranjeevi himself, from the newly constructed Party head quarters in Hyderabad on 17th August 2008. The conference began at 3.00PM and lasted for about an hour. Only media representatives have been invited to this 'all-standing' meeting, though the event live cast on all popular TV channels.

Party Name will be announced in the first public gathering of the party in Temple town Tirupathi on 26th of August. Watch the announcement telecast itself on YouTube videos linked here.

Prakriti, Jagriti and Samskriti teams had a long discussion about the announcement and please stay tuned for a summary of the discussion and analysis of the event.

YouTube Video Part 1

Fast forward to 2:30 for the announcement. Question & Answers start in the 3rd part.

YouTube Video Part 2

YouTube Video Part 3

YouTube Video Part 4

YouTube Video Part 5

YouTube Video Part 6


niceguy said…
Chiru annayya will be the next CM. No doubt.

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