Advertisements And The Crippled TV Screen

Watch this TV screen of TV9 channel. Only about 25% of the screen is where the 'main content' is allowed to show up. The Rest is taken up by Advertisements, commentary and Headlines. Imagine, every block in the picture scrolls and moves.

Will anybody really look at those ads?  How effective is this mashup?


We believe, ZERO.

Advertisements are the driving factor for almost all TV Channels. Their profits and survival depends on them. So you will always see programs that attract more people to the TV sets (mostly based on movies and soap shows) rather than quality programs that may enrich viewer's mind and probably help the society.

We don't mean to say, stop ads. Even on our blog, we have Ads. But we use them so responsibly, they don't distract the main content. We don't use popup ads, flashing ads and we don't hide content in between ads. Most importantly, we don't use Ads every where on the page. We just have two 200x200 blocks on the top right corner. We use them responsibly. We even setup filters so that we don't show obscene and irresponsible ads. We promise, to continuously monitor and filter our Ads so that they will align with our content and never distract our readers.  Visit any other web site and comeback to our web site, you will appreciate our clean and elegant interface.


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