2008 Beijing Olympics : Wonderful NBC Video

What a Wonderful video on China and Beijing Olympics, that gives a panoramic view of China and its rich culture. I love this video.

:Beijing and beyond: A journey through China's many splendors. From the limestone towers of Guilin to the Shaolin monks of Dengfeng with pandas idling between, China awaits.


You need to install Microsoft Silverlight, a browser extension to view. Don't forget to view in Enhanced Player.








So many subtleties in the video.
Did you notice "one kid" in a family (One child norm)
..They have depicted the better side of China.
Well shot video.

Murali said…
Hi Nikhil,

One Child per family --> No cousins. No Uncle and Aunt for a generation.
I loved the video. I just watched the opening ceremony, it was amazing. The best of ceremonies I have ever seen.


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