Notable Thoughts : Startup Wisdom, Better UI and Talent Crunch in Indian Starups

Here is a snappy does of Startup Wisdom.

Excellent analysis on UI. After reading this article, I looked around in my car, what kind of UI the car designers created that made driving so fun and effortless. They definitely looked at pragmatics rather than naive or new user. Once the glamour is gone, the pragmatics is what keeps user sticky.

I can't believe, there are 500-600 startups coming up every year in India?

Learning from "bad" UI
Following fashion and the status quo is easy. Thinking about your users’ lives and creating something practical is much harder.

The Future of the Startup Workforce : OnDemand Talent?
So according to one entity’s claim, there are 800 startups in Bangalore. I know that as part of tracking startups, we see an average of about 500 - 600 new startups coming up every year, and these are just in the Technology space, and product focused.

The early days: How 37signals built buzz out of the gate
When 37signals first started out, we didn’t make products. We did client work. From the beginning, we allotted plenty of time for side projects. Things that would get us attention (eNormicom), experiments with new ways of selling our services (37express), ways to show off our design thinking (37Better Project), etc. Here are a few of the key non-client projects that enabled us to build up an audience before we launched Basecamp:


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