H1B 2009 Update : Wait is almost over

Dear readers,

Many of you have been anxiously waiting for the confirmation that your application has been selected in lottery and you are on your way to getting h1b approved. There were lots of delays and took lot more time than expected for USCIS to process all applications. Last week USCIS announced that it had sent its final notice to applicants and everyone must receive a notification (either a receipt number or rejected application).

I received numerous emails that they haven't yet received anything yet. I am pretty sure your employer must have received something by this time now, and they must be thinking of a better time to convey the message to you.

For those who have received a receipt number, you can check the processing times of the center that is processing your application to get a better estimate of how much time it may take to get the final approval. Now that you received the confirmation that your application is selected in the lottery, do not worry much about the delay in approval. I know it is easy to say, but most likely your application will be approved. Good luck.

Some of you are still reading the month old posts and thinking that I did not have any updates for a long time. Infact, I had regular updates on the site. One reason for the confusion is that you are still reading an old post, while I write new posts whenever I have an update. Never mind, I will try to leave a link on those most read posts that there is a new update available.


nomu said…
Hi Murali,
Thanks for the update. I applied thru a consultant for my wife and last week they told me its not selected and application returned. my question is will USCIS send any notice along with returned application?? If there is any, I can ask for a copy of that. I doubt whether my consultant has even submitted the application.
Nirmal Patel said…
hy i want to know that did u finished the lottary , becz still i did not get any information for my approval or any msg, from my consulants company so please reply me
Saravanan said…
Hi, i also dint receive any update on the H1B petition whether it got filed or returned back, can you please tell me the possiblity as to why USCIS has not sent me the status still?
Saravanan said…
Can one any one answer my question please ? if you know the answer.. Am desperately in need of knowing about my H1B status ..
Murali said…
Hi Saravanan,

Most of the folks I know have received a notification. I have no idea why you haven't received any yet. Talk to your employer. Your employer can give a call to USCIS to get a status.

Saravanan said…
Hi Murali,
My employer is saying that still he dint get any update from USCIS, is there any other way to know about the status of my H1B application?

SReza said…
Hi Murali,

Thanks you for yor helpful posts.

My consultant company has emailed me saying my H1 case has been picked up for processing. But they will not give me EAC no.( SO that I can not tranfer to another consultant with in 15 months as per my contract with them.)So I can not check the status.

I am waiting for my H1 approval this oct. My question is will my case surely be approved since its been picked up for processing? If not when can i get the confirmation? If it get approved what can I expect as a proof of approval ?

Right now I am on F1 working under CPT.This is my last semster.My F1 will expire this december. Is there a chance that the H1 approval can delay? If yes, How long?

Vini said…
Hi Murali,

This is regarding H1b for the year 2007-2008. My petition undergone 221-g rejection 3 times.And when i put the docs last time they send a mail like from chennai consulate they will not be handling and sent all things to USICS.

So what to do in this case

Please do a reply


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