Thursday, May 15, 2008

Virgin Mobile's 'Fund My Phone' on Face book

Are you a virgin Mobile customer? Have you heard about face book? You might be able to earn free airtime minutes, if you happen have a good network of friends on face book. Read on.

Facebook has a brand new Sugar Mama, thanks to a unique new application that lets friends earn wireless airtime for other friends who are Virgin Mobile USA customers. The national provider of wireless communications services and plans without annual contracts has designed the "Fund My Phone" application, allowing Virgin Mobile USA's more than 5 million customers to get their Facebook friends to help pay for their wireless minutes.

"Fund My Phone" is an extension of the popular Sugar Mama mobile marketing program first launched by Virgin Mobile USA in 2006. Customers who opt in to Sugar Mama are invited to earn up to 75 minutes per month by viewing a variety of ad spots and other creative materials and answer a few questions. Customers also earn airtime by completing surveys online, responding to branded text messages or forwarding Sugar Mama spots to friends to share. Over 700,000 Virgin Mobile USA customers have opted-in to Sugar Mama since its launch, earning more than 26 million minutes of free airtime.

Virgin Mobile USA's New 'Fund My Phone' Application on Facebook(R) Platform - FierceWireless

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