Update on H1B 2009 : Application Receipts

I have been receiving lots of emails (92 emails yesterday alone) asking why they haven't received any notification from USCIS and how long they need to wait to get any confirmation. Some even getting suspicious about their employers that they are not telling them any truth about the whole processing. This prompted me to write this post. Hopefully everyone that is visiting this blog and asking questions in the blog posts will read this post, as it would be practically impossible to send response to each and everyone.

Why I haven't received any notification?

Employers are constantly receiving notifications every day, however there is no data on how many applications have been notified already. So everyone must wait until USCIS notifies that it had sent the final notification.

How long will it take?

You must wait at least until  the first week of June or until USCIS issues an notification that it had sent the last notification. Be patient and there is no point getting suspicious about your employer. If you can't trust your employer now itself, it would be very difficult in the future, as there is lot more uncertainty awaiting in the future.

I have noted all your email addresses and will send you an update by email whenever we see any notification from USCIS regarding this situation. You can alternately subscribe to this blog by email to get immediate alert whenever I write a post.

Hope all readers will understand and wait for a while before sending emails almost everyday asking about any new updates. Thank you and wish you all good luck.


Chetan said…

Please notify me regarding any updares of H1B lottery.
Raju said…
Any updates on Application Receipts?
Raju said…
Any updates on H1B Application Receipts?
hemant said…

I have recieved a reccipet number and I-797C Action of Notice form.
This means that my case is picked in the lottery or I have to wait for sometime.

Sudhakar said…
Please update me on the receipts notice number till now issued and the latest news
Gi said…
Still waiting.. :) Can I be included on your email list for updates/notifications? Any news is good news at this point!
Viji said…
Hi, Pls notify me on the updates on h1b. Thanks
priya said…
Kindly notify me when the last notification is sent and also if you have any update on the visa front.
neha said…
hi ,

its been almost a month now that my employer told me that my application has been picked up in the lottery, But till date he has not provided me with any receipt or tracking number. most of the people that i am in touch with have already received their receipt numbers.

on my repeated requets for soem updates he has been telling me that he has not received it ......

how does the notification work?

pls advise ....Thanks
bujji said…

I have not received any info abt the H1b lottery results which has forced me to think that my appln was not selected. But I would like to know when can I confirm abt the same cause I do not hear anything from my employer.

Kindly update me if u hear any notification from USCIS
Dimple said…
pls update on last notification from uscis
Shefali said…
Hi, I am still waiting. I have neither received a rejection nor the receipt number. Are they still notifying people for the status or they have completed for all those who are selected in the lottery and completing the others now?

Please give some information on this.
Sayali said…
Hi, I am still waiting. I have neither received a rejection nor the receipt number. Are they still notifying people for the status or they have completed for all those who are selected in the lottery and completing the others now?
appu said…
My case is also in the same boat.I didn't get anyinformation from my employer until now neither rejacted or received.I just like to know whether there is any chance to wait or it is hopeless.
Bri said…

Is it true that if we have not yet received a notification (either a receipt # or a rejection letter) that we are on the wait list?

If so, when do we expect to receive any news at all?
sun said…
please notify for any updates as well as the final notice from uscis
yfontes said…
The CIS reports having completed data entry on all cases selected in the H1b lottery on May 23, 2008 and all receipts were issued by May 24, 2008. They have also stated that they have sufficient applications accepted so that a 'cushion' will not be needed this year and they have begun to mail out rejections for reserve cases (i.e. wait list) this week. The CIS currently has approximately 500 petitions they believe are duplicates and are in the process of hand reviewing these cases. Any of these cases that are determined to be actual duplicates will be rejected and those that are not will be accepted.
Ranjith said…
Hi ,

I am yet to receive my H1B status and the company is still saying they have not received the status. There are many in my company who are yet to receive the status. Does this mean that my application didnt get through?

sandy said…

I have not received any confirmation till now.. i mean neither my application is picked in the lottery nor i have received the rejection..

Is there any chance that my application still gets picked up?

abena said…
What are some of the reasons why, even after you receive the application receipt, that you would be denied the HI visa. Is receiving the receipt indication that you WILL get the visa or is it wise to apply for the STEM as well if you qualify

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