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Notable Thoughts: Solar iPhone?, Asians love Mobiles, Does Web Advertising Works and ..?

“A thought which does not result in an action is nothing much, and an action which does not proceed from a thought is nothing at all” - Anonymous. Few notable thoughts that are worth sharing and spreading.

Russian Outsourcing Branches Out
There's plenty of conflict and chaos in the world, but the recent announcement by Russian IT outsourcing specialist Luxoft that it's expanding operations into Vietnam ..

Free Market Data
Portio Reseach have just published a free downloadable PDF, which contains tons of market data on the state of mobile. It’s a taster for the whole report that they want you to buy (fair enough), but there’s loads of facts to get your mind around in the free version.

Christopher Alexander on the difference between a fifty-year-old carpenter and a novice
We may understand it best by comparing the work of a fifty-year-old carpenter with the work of a novice. The experienced carpenter keeps going. He doesn’t have to keep stopping, because every action he performs, is calculated in such a way that some later action can put it right to the extent that it is imperfect now. What is critical here, is the sequence of events. The carpenter never takes a step which he cannot correct later; so he can keep working, confidently, steadily.

Apple to tap solar power for iPhone?; Vodafone to get aggressive in Africa and Asia
Speculation is high this week that Apple could be working to tap into solar power to charge its growing range of wildly successful gadgets, including the iPhone. FierceMobile IT editorial

Google CEO: Mobile advertising to generate more revenue than today's web
In an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that the next major growth wave for Google in terms of search engine marketing is the mobile Internet. He cited the iPhone as the first mobile device with a good web browser and that more devices will come to market, enabling advertising to become personal. He predicted that within a few years, mobile advertising would generate more revenue than advertising on today's web.

Asians and their love of all things mobile
The April edition of Telecom Asia had a great article about Asian mobile phone users, based on an Asia-Pacific wide survey of 16,000 consumers in 29 countries by TNS Global. So this is not just the wealthy parts of Asia like Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong etc; but also includes the poor parts like India, Indonesia, Vietnam etc. And your stats-rat was of course immediately all over these numbers. Here is the big picture. There were about 1.4 billion people here in the 29 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, who have a mobile phone subscription. Or to put it in another way, 42% of all mobile phone accounts are here in Asia-Pacific. And now lets see what kind of findings we have from the TNS Global survey.

Tons of cash for IT workers yet job vacancies abound
IT workers have experienced the highest salary increases and lowest turnover of all other jobs in the past year. However, technology vacancy rates still plague companies. Is the skills shortage real after all?

Does Web Advertising Work?
Do Web Ads work? Does the vaunted Freemium model actually produce meaningful revenues for anyone but the largest services and content sites? How should Web 2.0 be monetized?

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