Multi Year EAD For Those Waiting on AOS?

Recently there has been some discussion about USCIS issuing multi-year EADs to applicants that are waiting on Adjustment of Status. Particularly keeping in view a huge number of applicants that filed last summer. You can read more regarding this question asked by attorneys in this document released by USCIS. USCIS hasn't committed any dates in the answer but said will look into this matter.

I was searching for something and found this document by USCIS that is meant for asylees and USCIS indicated that it will issue multi-year EADs up to 5 years. So, multi-year EAD concept is not new to USCIS, its just that it is not applied to regular applicants that are waiting on AOS(I-485). Another point to note is that multi-year EAD isn't any cheaper as most of us might be looking. Its almost yearly EAD fees * Number of years ( little less may be). May be you can save your attorney filing fees and filing expenses if you can apply for a multi-year EAD.

Hope USCIS looks into the matter at the earliest and issue multi-year EADs to all those applicants that are waiting on AOS.


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