AT&T's 3G Network in 275 markets by June 30

AT&T says it will provide 3G network in 275 markets by 30th of June this year. Couple this new item with what will happen in the first of week June, the well rumored 3G iPhone release, AT&T is looking to dominate the 3G market.

In a press release that carefully avoids any mention of the iPhone, Apple’s U.S. mobile carrier announced Wednesday that roughly two-third of its nationwide cell phone network be 3G ready within the next month.

By the end of June, according to AT&T, 275 U.S. markets will offer download speeds of 1.4 Mbps and upload speeds of 500 to 800 kbps (using HSDPA for downlink and HSUPA for up).

FORTUNE: Apple 2.0 AT&T: 3G network will be ready in 275 markets by June 30 «


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