School And The Missing Blue Print Of Real Life

Many of us wonder, why a person fail in real life though he/she excel in academics? Many of us have seen people who are the top ten in academics but never could do anything significant after they leave the college (not as per you judgements, but by their own standards).
Many of us are quite smart and hard working. You have a dream and While in college, you have a prescribed syllabus, a teacher/professor to guide you or mentor you, your peers to compete and a very strict timeline and of course a deadline for the tests.
Once you finish college, you will join a nice paying company or say your dream company. You are as smart as ever or even better as days pass on.  You continue to work hard within the opportunities you receive, but go no where, as faster as you dream of and as higher as you love to.
Just think what is missing. As I understand, in real life, you are free without boundaries. And most of us never try to put any limitations and wander the free world. Most cases, you will have lots of dreams. But, no prescribed syllabus that could ensure your success in the real life. If you are in a corporate, it is really hard to find a genuine mentor that could guide you. Leave alone, a mentor that would help you live a better life. Many of us don't keep any timelines and dead lines. We love to live the life as it unfolds.
In real life, you are the one who have to prescribe the course. You are the one to decide what must be included in your syllabus and what must be removed to make space for the rest. You are the one who need to set a timeline and deadlines. And you must find a mentor that genuinely interested in helping you and is capable of guiding you.
If you excel in Academics, that doesn't mean you can excel everywhere. But its a proof that given a set of environment conditions, you can be committed, hardworking and achieve results. Its a proof that you could do a lot better than the average.
What is missing is a blueprint of your own life. If you have a dream, the only way you can achieve that dream is by creating a blueprint.  Figure out what is needed to realize the blueprint and you have the guts and energy to do it. Go get it.


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