Politics in Sports : Olympic Torch Put Out

Its unfortunate that many are trying to use the Olympic Torch to demonstrate their views about how China is handling Tibet issue and in general Human Rights outcry. I am not surprised at venting out their anger at China for a variety of reasons, but I am totally shocked at the means they chose to display. Olympic torch has a symbolic meaning and putting out the torch for political reasons doesn't make any sense.

The passage of the Olympic flame through Paris was disrupted, with police twice placing the torch on a bus after failing to keep pro-Tibetan protesters at bay.

The flame was carried from the first floor of the Eiffel Tower today to cross Paris on its way to the Beijing games. Within the first hour of its intended four-hour tour, it was temporarily extinguished for technical reasons, i-Tele news channel reported.

Bloomberg.com: Worldwide

The relay is planned to be the longest in Olympic history, covering 137,000 kilometers and 21 countries where it will be carried by 20,000 bearers.


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