H1B 2009 : H1B Visa Cap Reached, Lottery Again in 2008 !!

USCIS announced today that H1B Visa cap has been reached for both regular quota(65,000) as well as Advance Degree exemption quota(20,000). USCIS hasn't yet announced concrete number of petitions received.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced today that it has received enough H-1B petitions to meet the congressionally mandated cap for fiscal year 2009. USCIS has also received more than 20,000 H-1B petitions filed on behalf of persons exempt from the cap under the “advanced degree” exemption. Before running the random
selection process, USCIS will complete initial data entry for all filings received during the filing period ending on April 7, 2008. Due to the high number of petitions, USCIS is not yet able to announce the precise day on which it will conduct the random selection process.

Link to USCIS Announcement at AILA

Also read Students on F-1 can work for 29 months on OPT.


[...] Update: USCIS announced today that H1B Visa cap has been reached for both regular quota(65,000) as well as Advance Degree exemption quota(20,000). USCIS hasn’t yet announced concrete number of petitions received. Read more... [...]
M Chowdhery said…

I am in F1 status doing MS Computer Science and I have been working Under CPT for 20 months and I have completed my MS degree recently. Now I am interested to apply for OPT. Am I eligible to apply for OPT (since I have used 20 months CPT) under new rules.

Programmer said…
Yes u can get OPT. The rule is u can get OPTif u havent had FULL TIME CPT for more than 11 and a half months.
Programmer said…
Yes u can get OPT. The rule is u can get OPTif u havent had FULL TIME CPT for more than 11 and a half months.I am sure most of ur 20 months CPT was part time. So, u should be good.
Me1 said…
I have a PhD from the US unicersity and currently working on OPT. Under USCIS new rules, I think, I'm eligible for a 17 months OPT extension. My questions are"

1) Can I apply for green card through my employer, I'm not selected in the h1 lottery?

2) when can i apply for opt extension?

Thanks a lot
Murali said…
I am not quite sure whether you can apply for Green card while you are on OPT.

How to apply for OPT extension: (quoting from the DHS Document linked below)

1. Students who wish to extend OPT must request that their DSO recommend the 17-month OPT extension. DSOs recommending the extension must verify the student's eligibility, certify that the student's degree is on the STEM Designated Degree Program List, and ensure that the student is aware of his or her responsibilities for maintaining status while on OPT. The DSO must make the recommendation to extend OPT for the student through SEVP's Student and
Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS), a Web-enabled database for the collection of information related to F, M and J nonimmigrants, certified schools, and State Department approved exchange visitor programs.

2. Once the DSO recommends a student for the extension, the student must submit a Form 1-765 and appropriate fees (as indicated in the form instructions) to USCIS. Instructions for filing the Form 1-765 can be found at USCIS' website at www.uscis.eov.

Please note that your Employer also must meet certain requirements.
Refer to DHS Release : Optional Practical Training Interim Final Rule(PDF) for more information.
Devesh said…
Hi, I am currently working in my OPT period. I have applied my H1 through my employer. Before some days the company has started to layoff people. My question is What happens to my h1b if the company fires me before October?? My H1b would reflect the current employer where I am working now. Please reply me I am in pretty much difficult situation. What happens to my h1b if the company fires me before October??
jasmine said…

How do I know if I get a slot in the 2009 visa cap. Im here in the Philippines and I was advised by my employer that I was filed under premium processing which I understand culminates today...15 days after april 14, 2009. Is there a way I can check it out online or anything? Thanks. Hope to hear from u. Godbless!
Murali said…
Hi Devesh,

Once approved, even if you have to leave the current company it is possible to transfer your H1B to another company. That is possible even before oct'08.

If you had applied for premium processing, you would receive a notification in just a day or two. There is no way to track your application at this point.

venkat said…
I applied for h1b not for student.The lottery sysem which is happenning april 12 th onwards.Iam very much intersted to know when the results are going to be displayed.you can pls let me know
jayesh kothiya said…
hello !

i am b.sc. graduate in chemistry in 1991. and form 1991 to 2008 i am working as a pollution control incharge in indian chemical company , india .
one of us company offer me for job as a pollution control engg . in US.and they already apply for h1 but i want to know is this special catogary requirement quoata or all in one 65000 quoata of h1 .

random selection is catogary wise lucke draw or only one draw .

please clarify


Anne said…
I have applied for advanced degree quota H1B with premium processing and still have not heard back. Is it normal ?!
I have confirmation that my application reached on April 1st through Fedex, shouldn t I know by now if it s YES or NO for the H1B ??!!
What would you advise me to do ?
S. Reza said…
I am on F1and working under CPT. I have applied for H1this year. But I would like to mailntain my F1 and apply for OPT. If My H1 is approved can i still maintain my F1? How i can avoid H1 and retain F1 status? Please let me know.
SWATHI said…
I'VE APPLIED for h1b for this year.but i still i dint get any status.but my lawer is asking me to cross my fingers.still can i keep any hopes..tat to i applied in premium process........
Kapil said…

First of all thanks for helping in forming healthy group being a nice idea.
Would appreciate if someone can guide me related to visa.
Iam selected in Lottery for H1b and the Status has been approved.
Now waiting for visa process in october.
Could someone tell is it difficult to get Us Visa for H1b and what are the sucess ratio.
Iam Test Engineer.Having 4 yr exp and had Masters degree in computer application.
Looking forwar d from you.
saba asrar said…
Hi Guys,

Congratulations to the one who got through....my fingers are still crossed...please suggest are there still any chances...or its all over...I mean are there any more results to be announced yet.
Ravi Raval said…
I am apply for h1 visa for this year , my employer said you wait till june , so when the lottery system ends . And my employer tell true or not ?
JN said…
I applied thru normal processing. As of now I have not got any info from my employer. He is just asking me to wait. Are there any chances now as it is already jun 3rd? If the appl is not selected, will they return the appl by this week or so, so that we will know the status?
ManuMilton said…
I applied thru normal processing.I dont have any info from my consultant.Is it true that june2 is the last date for receiving approval? Please let me know.
JN said…
Hi, Does it make sense to still hope to get the H1 for this yr? I have still not heard anything abt my case. Has ppl started to receive their appl back, if rejected? Do they really keep the appl in the waitinglist too? any inputs on that? Are there any latest update regarding the H1 process from USCIS?
Lakshmy said…

I am B.Sc Graduate in Computer Science and working in Infosys for past 2 yrs as Software Engineer. Is there any chance for me to get H1 B Visa???

If anyone know abt the eligbility for getting H1 B for graduate-cum-professional like me....Pls respond to me....

Thanks and Regards,
malcordo said…
hi!i have the same questions with the others its now june 11 and i havn't received the any result if im approved or what.
please i need some help here if i still have chances of getting an h1b
Kumar said…

I am still awaiting my H1 B Status. Today I called up my consultant and he says that it would be around July end to know the status of my application.

Is this true or am I being duped? As me and my wife have applied and have payed quite a big sum.

Mayi said…
I talked to my lawyer today... she said that receipt of nitce were isdsued till may24th... if we have not received anything yet, cahnces are that my application was not selected in the random process... and maybe next week we will receive the papers back ... is there any other way to lawfully remain and work in this country?
JN said…
Hi, I have still not received any info regarding my application. My lawyer is not telling whether the cheque has been encashed or not. I now understand that my chances are very less but has people started receiving the rejected applications?
Rajesh said…
Hi I applied for H!B. I didn't received appllication number so far.
My consultancy people telling that still september we can have a chance to receive application. I paid large amount of money for them.
can u plz help me in this regard.

can i belive them or duppp??

waiting for your reply
JN said…
Did anyone get receipts this week or is it only the rejection phase now? I did not let down my hope still..
arpita said…
hi, i have applied for h-1 and neither received the receipt nor the application is returned. probably from next week one can receive the applications. regarding the waiting list i have no idea but there is hardly any chance. one can wait till his or her application is returned.
JN said…
I did not still receive any news from my employer. He is telling that he did not receive my appl yet so he is just asking me to wait..I am still optimistic.
V said…
Hey Guys,

It seems that the last update query was answered by Murali on April 28th 2008.......After that we have so many queres but all are unanswered......Hey Murali we are hoping that you might help us on the same...

I have filed for H1-B Visa and have recieped the recipet as well, not sure how much time the processing takes place. Would appreciaite if someone could help me with the preocessing time frame for the filled petitions once its through with the lottery. Currently when i check the status online it states the the Case has been recieved but status pending.......Any idea guys....?

Hey All, please visit the site http://www.uscis.gov may be it can solve your queries.....Thanks.
Murali said…
I have a new update on the final confirmations. click here to go straight to the post.
cesar said…
hello. I am also from the Philippines. Have you received any word from your employer about your H1B application?

JN said…
My wait is over. Got the news that my case is rejected.
Priya said…
I am an int. student. My opt visa ends on the 16th of july. i have a international relations (political science) and environmental studies BA from college. i am not currently working as i quit my last job because i moved states. i am planning to go to grad school in oct. and would get my i20 in august before my 60 day grace period ends. do i qualify for the opt extention or do i need to be employed? thanks!
Arpan Shastri said…
My Agent has given me EAC No. & I am checking every day. it is showing that Case received and pending. So what i have to understatnd Kinldy advice.
Shan said…
Hey! Have you received any word from your employer/consultant about your H1B application?
pretty said…
Can anyone tell me after you get your EAC receipt no. How will you get to know about the call for Visa interview.
Looking forward for your reply.
siddharth said…
Hi, I am currently working in my OPT period. I have applied my H1 through my employer. The company which sponosred my H1b visa got closed yesterday. My question is What happens to my h1b?? My H1b is reflecting the current employer where I used to work for. Please reply me I am in pretty much difficult situation. What happens to my h1b ??How early I have to transfer my h1b visa? Is it cancelled.

anita said…
Hi my H1B request got selected in the lottery my case is out of processing time but it is still pending can anyone tell me what can be the reason...
saba said…
i have h1 visa 2008, how much time i can take to find new job?
susheela said…
hi this is susheela, i got a peculiar news which according to my employer is,,,,i got my application rejected,,,,

i had applied for h1 this year and my application got picked in the lottery,,,however my employer says i shall not receive the necessary documents to reach the consulate because the us officials had stopped procesing the applicationsbecause of the dire market situations prevailing in us.!!!! please let me know what can be done

balkaran said…
i want to information about how i can convert my F2 visa into H1 Visa. How's it possible with lottery system
balkaran said…
please help me now what can i do with F2 Visa in USA
raffaello said…

How are you? I hope this post finds you well. I am doing a research (just for curiosity) about students applying for H1-B. Once it will be completed I'll post the results. Would you mind taking 2 minutes to answer 3 questions?
Please click on the following link:


Hrithi said…
Do u have any update on youe query..
even i wud like to know as i have the same prob..

Plz drop me a mail @hrithi_k2000@yahoo.com

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