Friday, March 21, 2008

Thought Garage Tops Google Search for H1B 2009 - Encore!

Last year, Thought Garage topped Google Search for "H1B 2008". And this year, Thought Garage did it again. Thought Garage topped Google results for H1B 2009.


When you search for H1B 2009 on Google, Thought Garage appears on the top with the post I have written on 24th January

Thought Garage » H1B 2009: Will ‘2007 H1B Rush’ repeat in 2008?

In this post, I have analyzed whether the same rush continue in 2008 for H1B 2009 and many readers sent emails thanking for a great analysis without distorting or exaggerating the whole H1B story.

As I mentioned last year, there is no reason for my blog to appear at the top of Google search results for information regarding H1B visas, without your turning to my blog to get the updates and sharing your experiences for the benefit of other guests. I understand for some of you, getting a H1B and working in US will be a turning point in your careers and I am quite thrilled that you considered Thought Garage as one of your sources of information

A Big Thank You to all my readers.

Again, as I mentioned earlier, I could not answer all questions asked by you on posts concerned with H1B 2009 Visa process, particularly certain legal aspects.  But I am sure that I shared my experiences that might provide you with some pointers.

I understand that many of you are still considering the option of H1B to come to US to work despite the tough economy,  I wish all of you All the Best. I will post any updates as and when available.

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