Notable Thoughts : Are they really True?

Here are some unbelievable (I couldn't believe when I first read) thoughts, though appears to be supported by numbers and research. 

Poor People More Likely Use Yahoo, Those Better Off To Use Google
New data released by Hitwise yesterday shows that there is a socio-economic difference between those frequently using Yahoo and those more frequently using Google. [via TechCrunch] Yahoo is strong in “struggling societies,” “blue collar backbone,” and “remote America,” where as Google obtains higher use in “small town contentment,” “affluent suburbia,” and “upscale America.”

Drugs for nerve pain, bipolar disorder linked to thoughts of suicide
The Food and Drug Administration has warned that a group of drugs called anticonvulsants can cause some people to have thoughts of suicide and to attempt suicide.

I am not sure whether Google is mostly used by affluent and upscale while Yahoo is being used by poorer sections. I certainly use Google while my lot more affluent and upscale friends still use Yahoo. May be, me and my friends are not that common! Well, a distinction at last.

I find it very hard to understand how a medicine force you or let you think about a certain thing like suicide? If that is possible why not make medicine that force or let people think happy and solve the issue of depression once and for all?


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