Sunday, February 10, 2008

Latest Stats on Mobiles from Cellular Lifestyles

Here are the latest statistics on Mobiles from my Cellular Life Styles blog. I have updated the graphs with the latest information available from Cellular carriers as per the 4th quarter reports of 2007.

Average Monthly Charges

Sprint is still leading with the highest ARPU about $59, though the carrier is loosing on subscriber base. Cingular, the new at&t is leading in the subscriber base, closely followed by Verizon.

Mobile Subscribers


Source: Cellular Lifestyles » Average Monthly Charges

As I am getting busy with working on my startup, I don't think I can continue to blog separately at Cellular Life Styles anymore. So to make my life easier, I will be combining my Cellular Life Styles blog with Thought Garage in the next few weeks by uploading selective posts from the blog.

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