Monday, February 4, 2008

Designs Apart : Magento Template Tips

The essence of Marketing is "how best you can translate your idea or product to your target customers".  The goal is to make every effort until your customer clearly understand "what your product can do for them". Web being the pervasive communications medium and the default Front Face of any organization, it is extremely important to design it to translate and adapt continually. "Designs Apart" is a profile of such wonderful and creative web and product designs.

Magento Template Tips

Many software products offer personalization through templates. For example, "WordPress",  one of the best blogging platforms (Thought Garage is also powered by WordPress) offers customization of your blog using Themes/templates. WordPress offers excellent documentation of how a blogger can customize the look and feel of a WordPress powered blog.

Magento, an open source E-commerce software  goes the extra mile in its documentation of 'Customization', providing a visual layout of various parts of the web site and corresponding theme files you need to modify to change the look and feel of a Magento powered online store. (click on image to view larger image)


While a Picture is worth of 1000 words, a video demonstration is worth million words of documentation. Magento even created a video demonstration of Template Tips so you know where to look and how to use template file path tips.

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