Why Microsoft doesn't have a product targeting India?

Microsoft's India Managing directory cites piracy and lack of law enforcement as the reason why Microsoft doesn't create any India specific products.

The global software industry generally refrains from developing India-specific products mainly because of high levels of piracy and poor awareness among law enforcement agencies, said a top Microsoft official.

Microsoft (India) Managing Director Neelam Dhawan on Wednesday said enforcing IPR laws was a "challenge" and that the industry, as per studies, was losing almost 72 per cent of its revenue due to circulation of pirated software - a menace which hasn't been checked due to poor awareness among law-enforcing agencies here. "We have the best IPR laws in the world but their poor enforcement acts as a deterrent to innovation. This is why we do not have a product made for India," said Dhawan, at a function to award Microsoft IPR scholarships to 33 law students from 11 law schools.

Source: India losing out on country specific software dev: Microsoft - Times of India

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