Why do you write a book? or a blog?

I used to believe until recently that people write a book or blog when they have some thing unique or different to share, some idea to spread or  to provoke a thought in the minds of readers. It will have your own voice. Your way of thinking and readers see the world through your eyes.

One of my favorite bloggers wanted to write a book for a long time. But not sure what to write about. So a new post appeared on the blog asking its readers what do they want to read.  And the community contribution to the book did not stop there. New posts appeared asking readers on how to cover a particular chapter/concept in the book specifically asking for examples and illustrations.

It looks like writing a book is just another business. Write a book that people wanted to read instead of write your own book and create your own trend.

Same things I observed in case of blogs as well. Are you writing your blog based on what will be read in the market or what will be interesting to general readers or you have something to share so you write and build your own community.

When I look at all the blogs I happened visit, almost all falls under the category of 'there will be market so I write'. Only a few believe they have something to share so they write. So it looks like entire Media works this way. Every blog wanted to imitate New York Times, in a subject they chose, just like another news paper. No more like a Column.

I was the one with the wrong impression so far. Good, I thought about this.


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