Life Styles Apart : Monday Morning Edition


Motorola Seeking for a Comeback
It boasts 2 new attention-grabbing, "multimedia monster" handsets - the mobile film studio Moto Z10 and a powerful music phone Rokr E8 - much to the delight of journalists/bloggers and consumers alike.

Study: More than half of Americans embracing mobile data
According to Deloitte & Touche, millennials (consumers ages 13 to 24) lead the new media charge, with 46 percent embracing their mobile handsets as entertainment devices

Beam Files To Your Mobile For Free
Beam it up Scotty is a way to send pictures, music, videos, documents or any other file to any mobile device for free

Nokia's New User Interface an iPhone Look-alike
As expected, everybody wants to be iPhone lately. Take for instance this patent filed by Nokia in June 2007 for its own version of multi-touch user interface

A 100-inch WVGA Display in the Palm of Your Hand
Microvision’s new projector is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and can project a DVD-quality widescreen 848 x 480 pixel image up to 100-inches in size!


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