Japanese Envy India’s Schools

The hype that maths and science are absolutely critical for the success of  a new economy is gaining more ground. 

While many new generation Indians aspiring to drop out of schools and start their own businesses inspired by Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs, everybody turns to India when it comes to primary education.  

It looks like even Japanese parents also believe that their kids need to go to Indian schools. Another huge opportunity for Entrepreneurs and Educators in India to bridge the markets.

Japan is suffering a crisis of confidence these days about its ability to compete with its emerging Asian rivals, China and India. But even in this fad-obsessed nation, one result was never expected: a growing craze for Indian education.

Despite an improved economy, many Japanese are feeling a sense of insecurity about the nation’s schools, which once turned out students who consistently ranked at the top of international tests. That is no longer true, which is why many people here are looking for lessons from India, the country the Japanese see as the world’s ascendant education superpower.

Bookstores are filled with titles like “Extreme Indian Arithmetic Drills” and “The Unknown Secrets of the Indians.” Newspapers carry reports of Indian children memorizing multiplication tables far beyond nine times nine, the standard for young elementary students in Japan.

And Japan’s few Indian international schools are reporting a surge in applications from Japanese families.

Losing an Edge, Japanese Envy India’s Schools - New York Times


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