Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Finally a PC that is better than Apple Mac?

Well, in the words of Walt Mossberg of WSJ,  at least in certain aspects, there is a PC that can be set in the same class as of Apple Macs.

Though finally Walt recommends Apple Macs as they are cheaper (compared to this particular model PC) and have much better software, he finds some features of this stylish Dell XPS model very impressive, to an extent of better than Apple Macs.

Higher memory, Wireless keyboard and mouse, ability to just plug-in memory cards from your cameras, stylish speakers, sensors that can detect just waving off to activate multi-media controls and sturdy frame itself.

But hardware is not all about any computer. Dell just needs a better OS, instead of Microsoft Vista to really have a chance to beat out Apple Mac. Watch the review for a look at the Dell XPS.

I have a HP Slimline desktop and a 21" View Sonic and I am running Microsoft Vista Home Premium. I love it.  I am not convinced about Apple Macs that they are worth the buck yet. Too much to pay and they come with too little. Every other application I love, currently don't run on Macs. And the alternatives are priced too high. I don't hate apple or love Microsoft for that matter. I have a 30GB iPod and of course the revolutionary iPhone.

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