Sunday, January 27, 2008

Beware of What you download : Metered Bandwidth is here..!

When it comes to Internet connection, we always take it granted that there is no limit on the bandwidth. We are free to download and upload as much as we can. The only limitation so far is the speed at which we could do. High Speed Internet connection Speeds range from 0.7Mbps to 15Mbps. But Time Warner is moving to a metered model where you will be charged based on your bandwidth consumption. Beware!

Time Warner Cable this week said it will move away from the “buffet” model of broadband and start experimenting with a “metered” model. The cable operator is rolling out a trial program in Beaumont, Texas, in which customers will be charged based on the amount of bandwidth they use. Given the rise in bandwidth-sucking content, such as high-definition movies streamed over the Internet, the move is hardly a surprise. Of course before HD movies, the culprit was peer-to-peer file sharing and before that, gamers.

Source: Video Killed the Broadband Buffet

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