Cell Phone : The itchy Second Skin

If you haven’t noticed, Mobile or a cell phone is no longer just a phone that we knew. Today, we CAN take pictures, record video, access email, browse internet, download music, watch TV, use cell phone as a smart card, pay at a shop, listen to podcasts, write your blog and the list goes on almost endless.

NPR's Eric Weiner wrote an interesting summary of how Mobile phones are changing our lifestyles here.  Few interesting snips:

Americans spend, on average, seven hours a month talking on their cell phones, but that figure doesn't capture how much the cell phone has become a part of our lives. It is, as one researcher put it, "a second skin"— itchy at times and prone to blemishes but something that increasingly we can't imagine living without.

2007 will likely be the first year in which Americans spend more on cell phone calls than land line ones.

In other ways, too, cell phones are changing how we relate to one another.

On the other hand, cell phones loosen the bonds with those outside our inner circle.

The article also points to an interesting graphic about US mobile consumers, "The Rise of the cell phone".

Also don't forget to watch this wonderful video "The Evolution of Cell Phone".

While watching the above video, I came across this interesting conversation of "Three Generations View of Cell phone".


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