Play MultiPlayer Games - Right From Your Mobile Phone

Playing Video games on Mobile phone could be quite different and often difficult with smaller screens and cramped keyboards. And thinking of playing a multi player games right from your mobile phone could be quite unbelievable.

But Its possible. All you need is a very very simple mobile phone that can make calls. You read it right. All you need is a simple mobile phone that can make simple phone calls. No advanced smart phone. And of course,  a few other players that wish to join you in the game.

Enter MegaPhone.

MegaPhone is a phone-controlled, real-time, multi-player collaborative gaming platform for big screens in public spaces.

  • Anyone can use ANY phone from ANY service provider in ANY country as a game controller
  • Players join the game by making a regular phone call, and they can see their input (either voice or keypad) immediately


Since screens are quite small on a mobile phone, MegaPhone replaces the mobile screens with a giant stage Screen. Players join the game by calling a number on the screen. They can play by giving voice commands or by using keyboard. The DTMF signals generated by your cell phone when you press on keyboard while on the call will be used as commands to control the game. Its quite fascinating idea.

Watch the videos below on how it works and how players are enjoying the game.


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