Sun Startup Essentials For Indian Startups

The Sun Startup Essentials program was launched the U.S. on November 2, 2006 on an experimental basis, and was launched in India on  August 8, 2007.  Sun Startup Essentials offers startup companies groundbreaking Sun technologies and software at breathtaking prices or free.

For more program specifics, take a look at the Sun Startup Essentials Datasheet.

  • Free Software : Get popular open source software, such as Apache, MySQL, Perl, etc. -- all optimized for the Solaris operating system, free for the asking.
  • Discounted Systems : Get rock-bottom prices on industry-leading Sun systems and run the OS of your choice.
  • Discounted Partner Hosting : Get top-notch web hosting from Sun partners at great discounts.
  • Startups Ask Sun : Our professional engineers will talk with you through emails and will try to answer your questions.


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