What is your point of inflexion?

"There aren't really good and bad people. We all have parts of both. What matters is what parts we choose to act on" -  Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

How do you choose to act on?

What is your point of inflexion? How do you choose to act on to be one or the other?

Is it the opportunity? For many people to decision to choose to be good or bad (right or wrong) is influenced by opportunity, ambition, greed  or desperation. As I mentioned in my previous post When opportunity knocks the door….values often shut blind. I argued that for most ,  the decision to stay on one or other side is directly influenced by external factors and opportunity at the top of the list.   

Opportunity presents itself in two forms: time and price.

Is it the price? : Price is arguably drives most decisions. So some times people don't want to pay the price to stay on right and look for opportunity to avoid it even though they might cross the line on the way. Software and music piracy are prime examples.

Is it the time? : Convenience or time  is another driving factor that influence our decisions either way. If it takes 6 months to process the right way and it only takes a month to go the wrong way, some may choose the wrong way.

or is it the pain or joy associated with choosing a way?


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