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Its quite unusual to see a book like this in India.  In US, if some one is successful in one venture, then their second venture is to sell that (so called) success formula. He/she spends the rest of their lives in selling that success through books, seminars, merchandise.. any thing that can be sold. I don't believe that  if you read those and probably follow them you will succeed. But it is good to see what their success made them to believe in.

It is quite unusual to see similar books in India. Don't know why, I don't find (m)any books where Entrepreneurs and successful Indians wanted to share their stories. There are so many untold stories and unsung heroes. One of my friends, who share a similar mysterious belief, sent me a link to this book to prove the point that times are changing. It also has its own website to promote (


The book is sold online through But, the website shipping options only allow me to choose an address in India. Wondering how to get a copy of it to US. Searched in but couldn't find it. Sent an email to a contact address on the website and waiting for the reply.

Update: Received a reply from Sankarson Banerjee, CEO of If you are interested in getting a copy of the book and you are currently in US, then hurry up. The book will be shipped to your door for Free. He has offered to send a free copy to the first 10 people that request the book from US. Read his comment for more details.

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