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Going all Google

Frustrated with multiple web silo services (about 20 different websites I regularly use and ofcourse I hate to manage 20 different logins and bookmarks), I have started moving to 'All Google' services. With a single sign-on, I can access most services and the most interesting benefit is an excellent integration between different services.

And, I really did not know until today that Google has acquired Feedburner. That makes my moving to 'Everything Google' camp little closer than I thought.  

Google has acquired FeedBurner  More »

  • We are happy to announce that Google has acquired FeedBurner. For more information related to the acquisition, read our FAQ.


Source: FeedBurner

With feedburner moving to Google camp, all web services I use(except wordpress and central desktop)  are now Google services. 

  1. Search Engine: I rarely used any other search engine so far. (except for proving my point ocassionally)
  2. Google Reader : This is the second mostly used Google application on any given day after search engine. I also dumped my desktop RSS reader in favour of Google Reader. Keyboard navigation is my favorite.
  3. Gmail: This is the harder part to leave Yahoo. But Gmail is a lot better than Yahoo Mail. I love the pop access and Gmail on Mobile.
  4. Google Notebook (Zoho notebook is a fierce competitor for this, and quite a wonderful application. But for time being, I will stick to Google Notebook for most though I might use Zoho notebook aswell)
  5. Google talk
  6. Google Bookmarks
  7. Google Web Search History
  8. Google Desktop (Even at office I use Google Desktop search to look through Emails and documents)
  9. Google Calendar ( Not as good as Yahoo in some aspects, but does all I need)
  10. Google Maps 
  11. Google Docs (Docs & Spreadsheets)
  12. Google Analytics
  13. Google Photos: Picasa
  14. Google Videos + YouTube
  15. iGoogle is lot better that myYahoo.
  16. Google News
  17. Google Groups
  18. Google Finance (not as good as Yahoo but again, does what I need) and ofcourse
  19. My own search engine powered by Google to search all sites I am interested in.
  20. Feed Burner

There are still some services I can not get rid of at this point, but pretty soon I will find a replacement. Not sure what happened with Jotspot (acquired by Google). When it is integrated with other Google services, I bet Google will have almost all I want to have on web. 

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